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How to Compost for Compost Tea Production

When we make a compost tea, we are using either worm castings, thermal compost, or both as the starter to culture the tea from. When we refer to compost as “thermal” it means that the materials in the compost pile … Continue reading

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EM1 and Compost Tea Vineyard Applications

Thanks Eric You are talking about adding EM1 to aerobic thermal compost piles. That is, compost that is turned regularly to add oxygen. We are aware that EM1 can quickly digest many divers types of composting materials, and much quicker … Continue reading

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What is the difference between compost teas made from worm castings compared to compost teas made from compost?

Worm castings make great compost tea, but it will be bacterial dominated. That kind of tea is good for annuals, vegetables, and grasses. Thermal compost has a more complex set of organisms in it. If you want a fungal dominated … Continue reading

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EM•1® Effective Microorganisms for Organic Gardening, Organic Farming, and Personal Health

EM•1® is a specific set of powerful microorganisms isolated 30 years ago by Dr. Teruo Higa in Japan. These particular species of organisms are very human-friendly, as they have the ability to consume environmental toxins, human pathogens, and plant pathogens, … Continue reading

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What is compost tea and why is it good for my plants?

Compost tea is a brewed water extract of compost containing billions of beneficial     microbes per liter. Compost is placed into a bucket of water and air is pumped into the bottom of the bucket for about 24 hours. In that … Continue reading

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